NOAH (2014) – a film that holds so much potential…

NOAH (2014) – a film that holds so much potential…

So I was going to log-on to youtube and have my fill of inspirational and reminder videos which I have been missing since the semester started.

Honestly, I was a fan of the Harry Potter films when I was little so seeing Emma Watson on the video icon that YouTube was advertising drew my attention…

Of course, I didn’t read the description first…and was boggled when I finished the trailer!

WHOA! That’s my first reaction.

I had watched The Ten Commandments, the Prince Of Egypt as well as other films that dealt with the Biblical stories of the Prophets of God. Not every film depicted the story as per word that the Bible had told them, but from what I know, it’s not surprising at all. The most accurate, when basing on the true and unprejudiced tradition (Scripture) that they are supposed to be based on would be,  The Message.

But putting all that aside, what really excites me about NOAH is the relevance of the story of Prophet Noah (which I just realized upon reflecting why would they release a film like this in these times) and the possible impact that it might make in the hearts, minds and spirits of today’s generation.

With the wars, economic breakdown, typhoons, earthquakes, catastrophes, social meltdown and all other soul-shaking challenges that our generation in humanity is going through, the potential impact of this movie can be no less than timely. I can only hope that besides dedication to truth, it would bring a spark of hope to the viewers of generations far and wide.

FROZEN (part 1)| The Dilemma of Today’s GX| T.O.A


The growing happy tree, is frozen.

It’s raining. I love it when it does…the sound of the earth being washed. The air slowly smelling fresh. Every noise dying down, except the sound of pouring water. All heat evaporates.

A sadness within someone, is soothed.

“Do you still believe that there is hope for our country?” asked my instructor in class one night, “Do you, still have hope for the future?”

He had a point. The corruption that runs so deep in this country, if not in the entire world of man,  seems unfathomable.

“Super-typhoons and earthquakes in the Philippines. Tornadoes in America. Waterspouts and floods in the Middle East. What’s next?” my closest childhood friend expressed through Facebook.

All I could respond to my friend was, “Pray, internal revolution in each of us…”

“No, there is no hope. There’s no more hope.”

I can still remember my classmates saying those words to each other in whispers as we passed our responses forward and as the class came to an end.

“You should have hope! You are the youth! You have a lot of the opportunities unlike us (elderly)!” called out our instructor as we students left in pairs, in groups or individually.

But even his voice seemed shaken.

Yes, we are the youth. Only by Divine Decree will we reach the end of our journey unless one chooses to unjustly meddle with it. By decree, we still have “all the time in the world to climb up high”.

Generation after generation, through tales and history it is in the youth that you can find the most fervent, strong willed, passionate, searching, and persevering individuals. People who look beyond the borders of pride, prejudice, ignorant fear- always courageous to tread the thorny path just to diminish their ignorance and grow. They are the crop that strive with value for virtue that will soon turn to the trees that give shade to the next seedlings.

But what is my generation now? And the next that follows? What have we become? What are we becoming?

What am I becoming? What should I be really be doing?

I remember being at a university event when someone I knew to be “full of faith and openness” was asked by the MC, “What can you do to help in today’s poverty?”

That person I knew answered, “It’s not my problem”.

You can guess it. I was shocked, if not petrified. I wanted to puke. Just remembering it breaks my heart and boggles my mind…

“No there is no hope. There’s no more hope.” Those words by my peers echo from my mind.

I ask, why?


I…refuse to believe that.

(PS. TOA- “Thoughts Of an Ahjumma. Thank GOD finally got this part off my chest…)

The Sharing Economy|Ahjumma’s Recall

“and from the Darkness will surely come the Light!” is surely a quote that certainly applies here~

And once humanity finds that uniting factor deep within them, despite what color or language or history them come from, then that will be the Golden Age of the human race, as human beings – not merely rational beings but spiritual, moral and emotional stewards of this planet we call Earth.

Many times though, it takes a lot of pressure and pain to wake this side in all of us…

Nevertheless, “let those who desire only goodness and truth, strive as they ought to strive, with patience, constancy and discipline”!

GOD willing…!