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A life’s time is fleeting, it is precious, it can never be repeated or recalled. To squander our life’s time is a self-indulgent offense to our inner humanity. Each golden moment of life is an invitation to live our life’s time to its full satisfaction.

~ Judit e. Szabo

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3-day Break Post


There comes a time when despite all thoughts that need to be expressed, one must stay in a state of silence.

It is in silence where we can refresh, reboot and re-evaluate our sincerity.


Going on a 3-day hiatus! Thanks for all the support up until now! Peace be unto all of you ! 

Unexpected Support, Much Gratitude! |A POST TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW THIS BLOG





First of all, I never expected anyone to follow my blog, and much less like a post or two. I made this blog, just to channel my thoughts and hopefully the message I try to deliver will get through someway, somehow.


I do hope to continue interacting with you all- exchanging insights and learning through y’all.¬†


I want to praise and thank God for this. Truly by your kind words, and simple clicks I feel more inspired not only to write, but to do something in my actual life that will somehow repay this little, but much appreciated reception!


May the One True God, guide, preserve and bless you all! ‚̧


Respect and love,

The Growing Happy Tree

Prayers for Sophie | A Revolution against Cancer

Prayers for Sophie | A Revolution against Cancer

I don’t know how to start…There’s so much emotion flowing from seeing Sophie’s page, and learning of her condition.

We hear cases of cancer every now and then (often than we want to hear)- may they be of ¬†those we’re related to or may they be friends or complete strangers. But to hear of an eight-and-half month old infant be diagnosed of having cancer in the brain is far-fetched, if it weren’t true.

Sophie Isabella Ryan, diagnosed with Glioma brain tumor at an age of 8 1/2 months, and who this article is inspired from (all glory be unto God)

Sadly, it is a fact.

The rising number in cases of cancers afflicting hundreds (correct me if I’m wrong) worldwide-even reaching infants-¬†is something that we should be alarmed of.¬†These are cases that have not been seen in human history during the years when smartphones and robots did not exist.¬†It should be alarming, since we boast of medical advances but our conditions have been¬†proven even more¬†cancerous (figuratively and literally, speaking).¬†

Supporting charities through FaceBook posts, tweets, and all social media nowadays is and will not ever be¬†enough if it doesn’t bring about a change in our lives (especially with regards to our food choice).¬†I have seen prominent individuals march on for change…and even with their reputation, most people still¬†refuse to listen. One example is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution documentary/TV show. My mother has seen it, and she was disappointed with the reaction-most giving the reason of ¬†an unbelievable “we can’t afford it” (i.e. we can’t afford to change our ways).

The scenario presented in Mr. Oliver’s show is far from unfamiliar even to the Eastern part of the world. Take for instance, when my family tried to establish a restaurant (now closed) ¬†that assured healthily-made, healthy foods at a very reasonable price, paired up with my mother’s enthusiastic impromptu discussions with customers. We had, praise God, a few followers. But majority would either turn a cheek, or roll their eyes, if not just stare at you dumbfounded!

But here’s the blockbuster highlight of our entire experience- the manager of a¬†major and national fastfood chain became our customer! He ordered a plentiful than the ordinary, so my mom find him a good platform to chat about health, lifestyle and food. We were of course shocked and humbled that the manager of the chain chose to spend his lunch time in our pad. But what boggled our minds is what he said when another curious customer asked him¬†why a manager of the biggest fast food chain chose to have his lunch at a lesser chain that only had its advocacy as it’s banner¬†:

“If you want to die early, patronize our chain. If you want to have cancer, eat at our chain.”

I had heard earlier of rumors of how unhygienic and unhealthy food out the home can be, especially when it comes to fast food. They were reasonable rumors, but his statement solidified my ground.

The biggest challenge now is this: Is our choice of comfort, convenience and delight really bringing us benefits? Or is it killing us slowly, softly, and more painfully?

The challenge isn’t in the scarcity of resources. Markets exist because of the customers– that’s the core of business you can learn in any economy-based ¬†or business course. A revolution’s spark may start from one but¬†change is brought about by all hands, unified.¬†

Will we still believe that profit and money is the endgame of our lives? How many more cancers, how many more tragedies, how many more insane wars have to be waged so that we awaken to the most important revolution that we all need to get behind of?

Start with yourself, then with your circles. Then you and circles can reach out to others, until the spark becomes a bonfire and a bonfire becomes like the sun.

The revolution against cancer, starts with winning the revolution against immorality and the degradation of our values. Our beliefs and values affect our choices that determine our actions and that determine how we mold our societies. Our societies then determine how we, as a race, ¬†make and care of our nature and environment…that in finality will only return to us, what we give to it.¬†

Remember,¬†a dark hour can bring about the light we have been given. Let us move so that we make it ’til the dawn.

All praise be to GOD, for this inspiration that was given through Sophie Isabella Ryan! Please do visit the link (at the beginning of this article) and show them your support. Let not her case be in vain.