Crossing Bridges. A short anecdote for this day| Thoughts of An Ahjumma


“By understanding the past you understand the future, unless you change your ways, life will repeat in an endless cycle.”

In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful…

No words can begin to describe what I am feeling today.

Graduation….graduating from college is one of the said most important turning points in one’s life. The crucible, the climax of a stage.

No words can come from me, but by God, that can describe what I’ve learned.

Graduation. Life. Turning Points. Stages.

The moment where I’ll be stepping out of this plane, and crossing the bridge onto the next.

Graduating from college makes me think of that future stage when I’ll be “graduating from life.”

All of the moments, all of the tears, all of the smiles…All of it add up to who and where I am today. And none of them are truly because of me. No, not even the success. I see that now.

Above all, I am always and most grateful unto the One True God.  And certainly, no words can express how grateful I am for the people I’ve encountered in my life, even those I didn’t actually talk to.  Even the shows I’ve seen on TV has taught me certain significant things. *laughs*

And through it all, it’s the tears that seem the more weighty amongst all the experiences.  The struggle, the hurt…all of them, for reasons I’ve came to understand, for reasons I’m just coming to understand and for reasons I have yet to understand, were worth it.


And that’s just talking about going through the “phase” called college.

What more in the whole journey  called “Life”?

What about those who were past this stage? What were you thoughts back then? What are you thoughts now, whenever you look back?



I only pray that I’ll be able to “graduate” from Life, and not flunk it. Ameen.




YES! A post! (Still kickin’) |Thoughts of An Ahjumma


“So often we get so caught up on the things down here, we forget to look Up”
Butuan City just has one of the most amazing skyscapes everyday, all praise be to GOD 🙂 A little something to make up for my high-level of inactivity.

Yes~ I’m still kickin’ and this blog ain’t going buh-bye just yet! 😀 All praise be to God 🙂

But I’m still unable to write what I ought to, and plant my feet where I should. As a writer and just like any other human, I believe that you have to know where you stand and where you believe you have to go before you get on moving (writing). And am still in the process of that at this moment. Finding my core, and strengthening it (by God’s grace, God willing).

I’m graduating!!! But it ain’t over yet! >.< I think I’m having that “coming-of-age dilemma” sort of feeling all over again. *Breathes*

But I remind myself, “hey, no matter what happens- the learning never stops.”

This by far has been my most casual post to date! Anyway, hope to get sharing, writing, and learning from everyone soon (God willing)! I can see from my email alerts, I got a lot to catch up on! Ciao! Peace!