Courage and Wisdom| Postgrad Hiatus (Again)| Thoughts of an Ahjumma


Wise, but not at the point where he’s losing courage. And courageous, not at the point where he’s losing wisdom.

Tariq Ramadan


Courage and wisdom. Courage and wisdom.


Ever since I listened to Prof. Ramadan’s talk last December, it seemed the meaning of the two words he emphasized throughout the 3-day convention began to unravel to me.

Especially when it came to the part when it suddenly dawns on you, you’re about to exit college. And I have (graduated), and the struggle seems to have just begun.




College comes to an end. And while others feel the glee of being released from the bonds of the seemingly endless layers of school and other paperwork, for many, the dawning reality of college ending feels more like a slap on the face.

You wake up to the truth- all those facts and numbers you scratched and clawed for would probably do you no good once you’re out there. Unemployment and underemployment is a “norm” condition of fresh graduates in my country (if not with many other places in the wild, wild world).  So as the date for that “out-to-the work-force initiation ceremony” (graduation XD) grows near, the pangs of anxiety due to not knowing the answer to “what should be next? what do i do next?” only worsens rather than the excitement one is supposed to feel.

“What should be next? What do i do next? What can I do?”

This entry is supposed to tackle those questions…but even I don’t know the exact answers yet. At least, there are no words to put what are going through my noisy head right now. (Laughs)

(WRITER’S BLOCK. That’s when I know this writing lass needs to take a step back O.O)

But I do know that it lies on realizing the meaning to have and practice those 2 words- Courage and Wisdom.

To have wisdom is to have courage to struggle for the right and against the wrong. To have courage is to act with wisdom in spite of fear and tribulation and not to act recklessly. To have true Faith is to practice both.

Wisdom as to your principles, courage as to your struggle.


I think I have courage. Maybe we all fresh-graduates feel like that. But wisdom? Boy, that’s a long way to go…!


But then my mother told me something that showed me the key. “Intention. What are you doing it for? What did you do it for? Are you sure you’re not doing it just to feed your ego?”

Intention. The root of all action. The substance of all transactions, as accountants might say.

AKA: Purpose.


I’ve always loved to write. But to be worthy writer, is something am I still starting to grasp.



Graduating, you realize you carry a sword (the course you graduated in). But then you also learn “a sword is nonetheless useless, if one cannot know how and when to yield it.” And in today’s growing competitive world, earning a BS isn’t enough. Learning doesn’t stop- it cannot. Like a game, you have to upgrade in your levels. But I think all college studs (or any student for that matter) will all agree with me, you can’t go on learning (ehem, I prefer that than “studying”) without the fire of passion. A fire that can only be fueled by a clear-cut and solid foundation of purpose.


So, the hiatus. I know that this post doesn’t make much sense. I apologize and I do hope that, GOD willing, some good came out of it anyway. Though, it would not accredit to me. 🙂 Bear with me.

Take care all! 🙂


And so, the hiatus. PEACE.


True Sufficiency, True Comfort|T.O.A. Drabbles

True Sufficiency, True Comfort|T.O.A. Drabbles

The pain and the loss that is bound to happen in this world only affirms the ever-need of the Hereafter, the Day when all things will be set aright and when the true bonds that were severed will be reestablished, never to be broken again.

The pain and loss of this world only affirms the Truth that our dependence and devotion can never be on anything or anyone of this world…but the heartbreaks only awaken the heart to seek for the True One Pillar that all must depend upon, and seek true solace from there.

The pain and loss of this world only affirms the unchangeable reality of “There is no god (worthy of worship and utmost reverence) but the One True GOD”…which then becomes a true source of comfort, no matter how painful things can be for anyone, anytime and anywhere.


The everlasting truth of our own limits can drive one to complete devastation and desolation. We realize when growing up that no matter how much we try to hold on to the people and things we come to care (deeply) about we, for a painful larger part, are helpless and unable in keeping them. We cannot, for the life of us, keep those whom we love safe at each breath and blink of the eye. We cannot, for the life of us, be absolutely sufficient in not displeasing them. We can, but only for a certain extent (that is given to us).
But for eternity, we cannot. We cannot.

That is why to completely (and admittedly, most often), keep our hopes on our abilities and our “own powers” is simply foolish. Even those who were given control over the wind cannot control everything. Superman can’t stand Kryptonite. Hulk’s weakness is his own strength. Thor will always struggle with Loki. Even Batman can be dumbfounded.

..but our own limits teaches us to look towards the source of it all- an Infinite Source. The Origin…the True One Pillar that all must depend upon, and seek true solace from there.