Dandelion in the Spring|Unfrozen| For the New Year

Fear, mistrust and resignation has frozen us from moving towards that warm and bright tomorrow for many years now.

We have, though we insist on the opposite, frozen ourselves. We have easily given our mind and freedoms to thoughts an the demands of people even if we insist on freedom. We have given up the gift of dreaming for the sake of winning the rat race or just simply existing.

We limited our future to a frozen and desolate place of material, forgetting that value is something that cannot be seen.

But just like the Edison and Tesla slaved away to harness the gift the spark to ease our ways of living, dreams and ideals are not impossible. Whilst harnessing the gift of the spark, these two men never gave up despite the trash talking and ridicule, the poverty and isolation. You won’t be reading this if those two gifts to mankind gave up on the “impossible dream” (electricity). I wouldn’t found a much more easier way to put down my thoughts in “writing”.

Maybe we can move free from this frozen existence if we start to believe in what today seems impossible.

Dreams like, world peace- of unity in diversity, a true fair economy, a harmoniously balanced society. Like a global community wherein racism and other forms of senseless hate are fought with fervor. Wherein ideas are welcomed, and discussion is for unraveling of truth rather than elation. Where concern for others are beyond the sake of  “Public  Relations Promotions”.

We need to believe that to dream, is to be more than an idealist. We cannot be frozen any longer in the belief that dreams are just ideas that involve only ourselves. We cannot be frozen any longer that these dreams cannot be achieved in the gladiator’s arena. We cannot be frozen any longer in the belief that we are but a single person whose actions are irrelevant in making this world a better place for everyone.

We have to realize the fact that it is our choice to not believe is what has frozen us away from reaching our dreams. That our choice to let society be is what has led to it being broken as it is.

We have to realize that even gladiators had dreams. They dreamt to break free, and that is why they fought.

We have to realize that the dandelion in the spring that we long to find in a time frozen by pride and prejudice, is already within us.

And may we cultivate it in this coming year of 2015.




Resolve the Impossible

“Every year we make the same old resolutions then wonder why we fail to keep them.
I wonder if we don’t keep these resolutions because they’re not good enough.”
A very relevant and timely post.
Andrew Toy ladies and gentlemen. An author to look out for 🙂


goalsEvery year we make the same old resolutions then wonder why we fail to keep them.

I wonder if we don’t keep these resolutions because they’re not good enough.

Usually our resolutions aren’t made in order to change our lives – they’re made in order to accommodate our lifestyle, and let’s face it, not many of us are happy with our current 9-5 lives.

Many of us are slouching around just to get to work on time, tune out on our lunch break, curse at the traffic on our way home, and endure screaming kids and crying babies during half-eaten dinners.


And yet, our resolution is to simply get a raise or lose a few pounds?

I think it’s time to set our expectations – and our hopes – a little higher.

One thing I ask most people I encounter is, “What do you really want to do?” I’ve gotten answers from…

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On Writing: Write Awful

Any passionate writer should read this.
(I don’t think there’s any writer that’s not passionate about their work.)


When most people think of writing, they associate it to writing an email or a letter: Articulate your thoughts, dot your i’s, and send it away to your adoring audience.

That might be well and true for some writing forms, but not so for books. You don’t just get an idea, jot it down over a length of time, and ship it out to a pristine publisher.

Unfortunately, many who share this false assumption are, in fact, writers. So this post is going to clear the air as to what writing actually is like. Some say it’s like sculpting, some say it’s like architecture, I’m going with the illustration that writing is like drawing a picture.

book 11) Write Awful – You’ve got your brilliant idea, you write it out in book form, and several months later you go back and read your first draft and you think, Wow. I’m a terrible writer. This…

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Two Names

Thoughts and Quotes from Arrow

“You can’t live by two names” ~ Chinese Man (Oliver’s Handler)

The first episode of Arrow season three is quite different than many of the previous episodes.  So much of this episode is peaceful…everything the viewer has been waiting for is happening, the characters are happy, Oliver and Felicity are dating, the bad guy is quickly caught…it really is “The Calm”.  

With this in mind, there was one quote in this episode that I found especially interesting.  On first glance, “You can’t live by two names,” seems to be a proverb that everyone would smile and nod along with it but with some deeper reflection this quote is in fact the theme of the episode (and possibly this season).  It is reflecting on the conflict between Oliver and Arrow, between normal life and complexity, between what is would be like to be a typical person verses the complexity of heroism.


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Choice, for Now|T.O.A

“No one can tell what will happen in the future”- mom

And so many wise people say.

This is going to be quick. Am about to go to the airport for an unexpected flight.

And here we are…

Yesterday I entered college. Now half of my last semester has passed, and the year is ending.

I ask myself, “How did I live my life?”

I’ve always believed that we may not control the future, but no good choice and intention made now goes unrewarded. It just takes time. Time will tell, and guidance is there to help you onto the right track.

We are who we are, but what is now is but a mere drop. We can always choose to strive to be the best of who we are.

The choice we make, is the sure thing we can do.

So choose to find truth, choose to live truly. That’s the best we can always do.


On Love and Perceptions | T.O.A| Back for the Holidays

Oftentimes we don’t give people who have learned to love purely much thought. In the age of romanticized minds, of hearts seeking the tingling bolts of adrenaline, oftentimes those who have learned the kind of love that has transcends beyond flesh and nerves have become invisible to us.

They, who have learned that to love is to not be greedy, nor be bashful, nor to be too rash. They have learned that to love is to show care no matter what “level” of bond is there. To be sincere. To not be selfish. To show affection without the need to go beyond whispers of the dark shadowy lairs.

Those who see beyond the masquerade of glitter and sweet nothingness. Those who believe in the spark within each and everything. They see the rosebud within each other’s soul and so they treat each with a touch that is shy, but not short of reverent compassion.  So like a gardener they wait and nurture, careful that no weed toucheth their blooming bud. And when bloom it does, they do not pluck it, but let it grow, with care, of cool water, clean air and warm sun.

But no…seldom do we understand. And when the time comes that we do, these true lovers had flown into the setting sun.

A/N: Aaaand, yes the author of this blog is still breathing. All praise to God. 🙂 Hopefully for these last few days of the year. So~rry! Glad to be back!