What matters…


“Strongest17” is what we hoped to be as a batch. Initially it was thought to be that we would be the batch with the best performance of our uni in this upcoming CPA Board Exams 2015. But with all that has happened since June 2014, being truly “strong” seems to be quite far from that. Failures, loss, and the constant growing pressures seem to only rain upon us that it’s almost hard for us to breathe, especially for those of us who have faced the darkest tragedies we could not expect to happen too soon.

But that’s when this single and often neglected truth only becomes clearer. Our strength, our dreamed success…the future isn’t simply by our intelligence, nor by how many hours we spent gruelling in reviewers and textbooks, nor by how many theories we’ve memorized, nor by the titles that have been attached to our names in the past…

No, not by us…

Above all…in the end of the day, when we’re left alone, when we realized true loss, when we’ve fallen ill,when we faced challenges we could not have imagined- no amount of medals, no amount of certifications, no amount of gadgets, no level of grades can uplift nor comfort us…nothing but what we have grown within us, who we have chosen to be, who we chose to surround us and by what principles we’ve chosen to live by.


If only…

When we finally realize that the evil that wreck our countries, our cities, our towns and our homes….

have nothing to do with race, gender, age, skin color, height, weight, culture nor faith…

Then we could finally find ways to defeat this evil and heal each others wounds.

Unsung Heroes of Chapel Hill: A Call for Humanity, A Call for Love:| A Short Note


Deah, Yusor, Razan.

Our generation’s latest deaths that shook the world.

I won’t go much into the lives of these three. At least not into detail. Right now, the Internet is a well-supplied avenue for that.

But if there was one thing that the lives of these three human beings signified, is the struggle to make a world a better place.

A better world for every living creature, no matter what skin color, no matter what race, age or gender.

Deah, Yusor and Razan’s lives weren’t just about #MuslimLivesMatter. They certainly expanded beyond #BlackLivesMatter. For them, every human life mattered. And they knew better than to let hate corrupt their dreams, despite being that part of today’s society that will always look at those like them as a foreign being at best, and a terrorist at worst.

It was not being white people that drove the killing of Deah, Yusor or Razan.not being white people that drove the killing of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. It was not being Christian nor being Spanish, that committed the atrocious colonization and oppression the indios for centuries. It was not Islam, nor the Arab race that cause the millions of deaths from today’s wars and from past tragedies. It was not being German that caused the Holocaust.

The cause of today’s unjust deaths from wars, famine and division is not rooted from race, age or faith.

It is rooted from any person’s greed, arrogance, prejudice, blind fear, blind hatred, or a fatal mixture of all those things.

If anything, we should not let the deaths of these individuals and the death of many others as we speak go in vain.


By fighting the disease of blind hatred with humility, respect, and a love that beats the romances we’ve been so accustomed to recognized- selfless, and always willing to learn.

Hate and blind anger will not bring peace. Only truth, respect and love can.

It’s time we stop painting each of ourselves as the victims and pointing fingers at one another.

It’s time we start listening, sharing, learning and try working together.