For the Children (part 1)

Children Of The World by Romero Britto

I want you to know you are beautiful.

No, not because you have those eyes,

No, not because you have that skin,

No, not because your house is this,

But in you is a blank art-piece.

Pure, untouched, responsive to Love.

You who within, God placed a Promise,

That this world may understand His Message.

His Message of True Peace.

-Growing Tree

Once there was a little girl. A bright young girl. Full of energy, full of wit, full of kindness. Like everyone, young and old, she yearned for love. And from her family, she received so much. Soon, she had to go to school.

Everybody was excited. She had gotten top grades, and was promising according to her teachers. But her family didn’t know of another pain she would face. They wouldn’t have imagined it…

One day at home, she looked through her mother’s dresser. She took out the powder, and shook so much of it out and into her palm. She covered her face, she covered her limbs and ran to her grandmother and mother.

“Am I beautiful now?” she asked.

And she isn’t the only one.

[to be continued]


To My Readers…|Anniversary Post

First of all, THANK YOU. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you guys, but I’m really humbled and thankful. I will do my best to make it better, God willing. It’s amazing and humbling how out of millions of blogs here on wordpress I have even people reading my posts. So Thank YOU!

Shoutout also to those who have opened my eyes to very relevant and important issues we face today. On racism, shadeism, colorism, and a lot of stereotypes. Hopefully, this blog and all my other SNS will be able contribute to bring truth and good change out there.

Second of all, I’ve finally graduated! Almost didn’t but thankfully, I’ve made it! Starting end of January, everything has been very difficult that my mom has noticed my way of speaking has been coming off too strong/stressed even if I don’t want to. Does it come off the same way (too strong/cruel) in my recent posts? Please tell me if I do. And if it did, I’m reaallyy sorry. But even though I’ve graduated I still have a board/licensure examination this October, so the rest of the months in between will be in dedication to reviewing. So after tomorrow, I’d have less time to keep up to date. I would be writing one article before going on a hiatus again though. I have it in my head haha Just haven’t found the time to put all them together into something coherent.

Thirdly, could I ask a favor?  Could use some feedback on the way I write, the topics I discuss and the overall layout of the whole thing. Thank you sooo much in advance.


-Growing Tree

A/N: I just checked my notifs, and it turns out that today (April 2,2014) is Growing Happy Tree’s Anniversary! I can’t believe it! Praise God! Thank you all who have stuck by me!