Sands and Dandelions

Caption from Prince of Persio: Sands Through Time

There are loved ones whom I haven’t met in almost 8 years… Some whom I haven’t met in 5 years… Loved ones who have passed away but have touched my heart, ’til this day… I, one day, will pass. Like the clouds… My deeds are like the seeds of the dandelion, scattered in the wind… I wonder will they land on fertile land and bloom one Day?

But that is not for me to know, but I know I can hope,

For I was once a seed, now I am here… Surely, the One God who has been tending to me hasn’t planted me for mere play.

(Originally posted through my instagram: growingtree1108)


Song Speak | Dream by Raef| Eid Wishes and Reflections

Second post today. Actually I’ve been wanting to post this ever since I first heard it. But I didn’t have the time.

And I believe that posting this isn’t in the wrong time at all.

The essence of Ramadan is to hone the purity of the soul, to help in the chipping away whatever it is the withholds it to reach the true potential of the human being…

To shake our inner being so that we may see with the eyes of the heart, and think beyond the boxes society has placed upon us.

To rid us of food, material enjoyment and reign in our desires with a command stronger than any political law, so that we may see that these things are not what really matters…

To get put the base ego and desires into the command of the soul so that we, as a race, may realize the “Dream” we all share regardless of color, age, and culture.

And it is in the coming of Eid that this realization is celebrated. Eid being the culmination, and the gateway for the souls to be reborn into a stronger force within the human body’s vessel.

I believe this song by brother Raef reflects what I’m trying to say in a much more effective and clearer medium for many today.

Too many times I’ve walked through these streets
Wondering where we went wrong
Our hands alone can feel so helpless and weak
But surely with yours they’ll be strong
Our problems and fears will soon disappear
If we try hard enough they’ll all be gone
Brothers and sisters, it takes each of us
Together we can overcome!
We shall overcome

Dream your biggest dream
If we dream enough together we can make it real
And lend a helping hand
What we keep won’t mean anything, once we’re gone

Song Speak: Home by Raef |Eid Wishes for Everyone

Here’s a beautiful inspirational song from brother Raef!!

May we all be united in that Eternal Home, the end of this trialsome yet can-be-beautiful Journey called, “Life”.

“I’ve been through sunshine
Made friends with the moonlight
Traveled the ancient lands
And sailed across the seas
I’m free when I think and fight for what’s right
Ain’t nobody gonna tread on me
A place I’d call mine and yours forever
This land was made for you and me, yeah!

Ain’t no place like home, they say
Home is where that heart is, home is where your love is
Ain’t no place like home where I’ll be me, me, me, yeah!
Ain’t no place like home, they say
Home is where that heart is, home is where your love is
Ain’t no place like home where I’ll be free, free, free, yeah!

All I know is: Love can feel so good
When we know it brings us close to
Home-sweet-home where
Your mind can set you free… Yeah!”

-Growing Tree

Eid Mubarak!!| TOA


In every journey is an end, and at its end is a new beginning…

It has ended…The Month of Mercy which opened the eyes of our souls and hearts to see Hope despite the seemingly  endless trials, to rekindle the spirit compassion, and to realize the true value of what we have…

May Our One True God continue to shower His Mercy, that we may preserve the gift of True Love we got to glimpse of for the number of days that sped us by like a blink of an eye. May He preserve us until the Day we meet Him, for that will be the Day of Endless Celebration of Pure Love and Thanks.


-Growing Tree


I won’t give up dreaming. If I can’t realize it now, I’ll work for a future where that dream can’t be harmed and where it can grow. I’ll plant the seed today so that even if I may not live to see it, my children can see the tree all-grown.

(Tree of Hope by InertiaK on DevianArt)