Selective Justice, Selective Sympathy–> A Honest Reminder How Hypocritical We Can Be 

Social Media has brought people together

It has also brought people apart.

The Internet has taught a lot of good people what our selective media can manipulate into the masses,

It has also become a medium for evil…

But most of all, it brings about the most potent medium wherein we can be the biggest hyprocrites…

If we cry for Paris…

We should cry for the people of Syria, Kenya, Rohingya, Palestine…

The people in our streets that we seem to ignore because of unvalidated fears…


But I’ve seen the best of people shine even better through this….And THAT reinforces my Hope.

Surely, it’s these lights that we should focus on.


Light your candle. Like the moon, even stars can light the sky if they shine together.


Reaction inspired by : Rant


My good friend’s blog: The Blanc Page

Hello and peace, friends.

My good friend has just started her blog here in WordPress in an effort to, like many of us, share her thoughts and hoping it can contribute to bringing about a good change to our ever-learning world. Please do visit, and give her words of encouragement!

For those who liked and have followed this humble blog, I am humbled and grateful. May we continue to share whatever little good we can, on the keyboard and outside of it. Every grain of goodness can cause ripples, and ripples can together form waves.

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