“flawed | an instant film exhibition”
Danny Sanchez / Mission Accomplished / Director’s Selection


Have you ever looked in the mirror, and not recognize the person staring back?

Not because you look too different,

but because something inside you is amiss?


Like the continuously unpredictable weather, life- for anyone today,- is nothing but a continuous, strenuous struggle.

It’s as if we cannot go past the “rebellious teenage years” when we are either stuck in our box of how we see ourselves and others, or we are so without a solid foundation of who we truly are, that we let ourselves just go with the raging current of the times.

Realizing each of our individuality, we often lose our sense of community.

Realizing the sheer power of our limited free will, we often burn ourselves with the consequences we refuse to respect. Until there’s nothing of us that is left.

We are curious to learn of the other, but are often too afraid of the change knowing them would bring upon us.

We hate being boxed, but at the same time we hate the prospect of having to change.

We are so confident in what we know through our limited means and limited senses, that we forget and hate the word “limited.” Though,  that will be always a part of being us. Being human.

We know how limited our time is. “YOLO!”, so we rush through it, instead of cherishing the little seconds of it. Forgetting the little seconds, our little movements may have rippled across generations to come after us.

And in the struggle we find ourselves in, we can’t seem to escape the growing pains of the times.

Well, we aren’t perfect.

You, and I. Flawed.

Maybe if when we learn to accept that fact, and stop making gods of our intellect, our physical beauties, our talents, our achievements…

Maybe if when we learn to accept that fact, and searching for gods in each other…

Then we can learn to live life the way we are meant to. No matter the flaws.