I’ve been wanting to write again here.

But honestly, it has been difficult even to write a simple journal for me.

It’s been difficult to write at work where I’m expected to craft speeches for the head of the office, in a field heavy with technicality.

How is a person, who writes from thoughts, emotions, philosophies and experiences aught to adjust to such requirements?

And so I had to set aside how I conduct myself as a writer, for what worked in the office.

But now that what worked isn’t doing so anymore, I find myself floating in a void.

Like a lost prisoner fumbling in the absolute darkness, I flounder about in murky waters for the familiar rope that could guide me back to the familiar riverbanks of home. Trying to sight once again the spark that enabled me to do what I loved, and shared that love.

This blog was meant to be one of the many places where healthy discourse to the many things about life can take place. Where reflections shared could hopefully give light to many who have chosen to read it. Where those searching for hope could find at least a spark of here.

I guess, I have been failing a whole lot.

If anyone still reads this blog, and finds worth in it, I pray that you bear with me. And I apologize for the awful quality of content found here. The lack direction and spirit. I never had been the one who could write without reflecting the state of what is real within me.

But who am I to stop and quit completely? We all have our own struggles, don’t we? We all have our battles and monsters to deal with, yes?

And no matter our failures, we owe it to ourselves not to lose the one thing the darkness of this world seeks to rob us of –  Hope. Purpose.


And I pray to the Giver of Life that no matter, what we find it and never lose it.


2 thoughts on “Recharge

  1. First and foremost, you do not have to apologise about not writing much. Even when explaining the lack of posts, you still write so beautifully.

    Everyone has their own demons and their own darknesses. The dwellings of your demons is a sacred place, a personal place, and though I cannot ask to force my way in, I do say that if and ever you need a break or to come out of that valley of darkness, take my hand and we can do so together.

    • Thank you dear Seeker. I do apologize still for the superbly late reply of gratitude. It is hard for me, to reach out nowadays. In fact, I find comfort as much as pain in somehow keeping a distance from nearly everyone save a very few I can count by a single hand. But still, this gives me comfort. That there is still so much kindness in this chaotic world.

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