There is a sadness that can’t be healed away, while in this world


There are wounds that will always reopen…

Always, always…no matter how much you put into something, to some…to many, what and how you are will not always be enough.


And always, always…there will be people ahead of you in their journey, as there will always be people who need time longer than you needed to make theirs.


There will be times that souls from afar will be able to give your own the solace it needs, better than those closest to you…

And there will be times that those closest to you will hold you with great doubt…


This is life.


This is what it’s like to be on a journey. The path is not always pleasing, and never free from any level of struggle.

I resolved to remind myself of these. No matter what.

For I found it my utmost responsibility – my fate.


To find peace despite the struggle, and accepting that I will always have to ’til my last breath, in different forms; rest coming only in moments – that is what I’ve learnt in my journey in Faith.


Faith…Islam, it what has always kept me going. The only “force” that has kept me from putting down my hands and letting the void take me whole.


I have done a crappy job in living out it’s principles…but I cannot give up.



Even when I am lacking to the entire world to see…


“If I stop, and give in to hopelessness…


Then what is left of me?”


When I am buried, and the angels write down the final lines to my story…I hope, with all my soul is this:


“She failed countless times; she had carelessly fell and tainted her own pages; she never gave up Hope, and gave her last breath for that Hope.”

My own wish that I have resolved to strive for, is this…


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