Is Life Even That Important

Is Life even that important?

This is a question of oddities

but with killings left and right,

and warfare in plain sight,

One may opt to ask the question.
From the onset of time,
Surviving has been the major goal of one,

But in battles, the emerging victor is none.

If it’s importance is above all,

then why do countries choose it’s downfall?

aren’t we the most precious thing of all?

If theories and concepts are made by man,
Then why are such theories destroying man?
How fearful does the future brings,

If the present do not preserve the important things.

Like peace and it’s never ending process

and children which promotes progress.

With all that’s that happening in the world,
One can’t help but reiterate the question

“Is Life even that important?”

-a poem written by my friend, who I shall refer to as G.D.

[UPDATE: GD now has a blog: The Old Wondering Soul. Do check her out! )


The Year of “Why?”

A definite MUST READ.



Welcome to 2016!

This is the year where you will either A) figure out what you want to do with your life, B) continue to push forward toward your goals, or C) reclaim your lost passion and start over.

But there’s one question you need to ask yourself every single day should you decide to act on your passion or goals.

Everyday, when you feel beat up, worn out, tired, depressed, whatever, ask yourself: “WHY?”

WHY do you want to lose weight?

WHY do you want to finish school?

WHY do you want to get your painting in an art gallery?

WHY do you want to be famous?

You see, when you ask this question, it puts your inner-self right back at the beginning. It mentally places you right back in that moment when you decided you wanted to achieve whatever goals you want to have achieved.

And then, when you…

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Selective Justice, Selective Sympathy–> A Honest Reminder How Hypocritical We Can Be 

Social Media has brought people together

It has also brought people apart.

The Internet has taught a lot of good people what our selective media can manipulate into the masses,

It has also become a medium for evil…

But most of all, it brings about the most potent medium wherein we can be the biggest hyprocrites…

If we cry for Paris…

We should cry for the people of Syria, Kenya, Rohingya, Palestine…

The people in our streets that we seem to ignore because of unvalidated fears…


But I’ve seen the best of people shine even better through this….And THAT reinforces my Hope.

Surely, it’s these lights that we should focus on.


Light your candle. Like the moon, even stars can light the sky if they shine together.


Reaction inspired by : Rant


Unsung Heroes of Chapel Hill: A Call for Humanity, A Call for Love:| A Short Note


Deah, Yusor, Razan.

Our generation’s latest deaths that shook the world.

I won’t go much into the lives of these three. At least not into detail. Right now, the Internet is a well-supplied avenue for that.

But if there was one thing that the lives of these three human beings signified, is the struggle to make a world a better place.

A better world for every living creature, no matter what skin color, no matter what race, age or gender.

Deah, Yusor and Razan’s lives weren’t just about #MuslimLivesMatter. They certainly expanded beyond #BlackLivesMatter. For them, every human life mattered. And they knew better than to let hate corrupt their dreams, despite being that part of today’s society that will always look at those like them as a foreign being at best, and a terrorist at worst.

It was not being white people that drove the killing of Deah, Yusor or Razan.not being white people that drove the killing of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. It was not being Christian nor being Spanish, that committed the atrocious colonization and oppression the indios for centuries. It was not Islam, nor the Arab race that cause the millions of deaths from today’s wars and from past tragedies. It was not being German that caused the Holocaust.

The cause of today’s unjust deaths from wars, famine and division is not rooted from race, age or faith.

It is rooted from any person’s greed, arrogance, prejudice, blind fear, blind hatred, or a fatal mixture of all those things.

If anything, we should not let the deaths of these individuals and the death of many others as we speak go in vain.


By fighting the disease of blind hatred with humility, respect, and a love that beats the romances we’ve been so accustomed to recognized- selfless, and always willing to learn.

Hate and blind anger will not bring peace. Only truth, respect and love can.

It’s time we stop painting each of ourselves as the victims and pointing fingers at one another.

It’s time we start listening, sharing, learning and try working together.

On Love and Perceptions | T.O.A| Back for the Holidays

Oftentimes we don’t give people who have learned to love purely much thought. In the age of romanticized minds, of hearts seeking the tingling bolts of adrenaline, oftentimes those who have learned the kind of love that has transcends beyond flesh and nerves have become invisible to us.

They, who have learned that to love is to not be greedy, nor be bashful, nor to be too rash. They have learned that to love is to show care no matter what “level” of bond is there. To be sincere. To not be selfish. To show affection without the need to go beyond whispers of the dark shadowy lairs.

Those who see beyond the masquerade of glitter and sweet nothingness. Those who believe in the spark within each and everything. They see the rosebud within each other’s soul and so they treat each with a touch that is shy, but not short of reverent compassion.  So like a gardener they wait and nurture, careful that no weed toucheth their blooming bud. And when bloom it does, they do not pluck it, but let it grow, with care, of cool water, clean air and warm sun.

But no…seldom do we understand. And when the time comes that we do, these true lovers had flown into the setting sun.

A/N: Aaaand, yes the author of this blog is still breathing. All praise to God. 🙂 Hopefully for these last few days of the year. So~rry! Glad to be back!