Song Speak | Dream by Raef| Eid Wishes and Reflections

Second post today. Actually I’ve been wanting to post this ever since I first heard it. But I didn’t have the time.

And I believe that posting this isn’t in the wrong time at all.

The essence of Ramadan is to hone the purity of the soul, to help in the chipping away whatever it is the withholds it to reach the true potential of the human being…

To shake our inner being so that we may see with the eyes of the heart, and think beyond the boxes society has placed upon us.

To rid us of food, material enjoyment and reign in our desires with a command stronger than any political law, so that we may see that these things are not what really matters…

To get put the base ego and desires into the command of the soul so that we, as a race, may realize the “Dream” we all share regardless of color, age, and culture.

And it is in the coming of Eid that this realization is celebrated. Eid being the culmination, and the gateway for the souls to be reborn into a stronger force within the human body’s vessel.

I believe this song by brother Raef reflects what I’m trying to say in a much more effective and clearer medium for many today.

Too many times I’ve walked through these streets
Wondering where we went wrong
Our hands alone can feel so helpless and weak
But surely with yours they’ll be strong
Our problems and fears will soon disappear
If we try hard enough they’ll all be gone
Brothers and sisters, it takes each of us
Together we can overcome!
We shall overcome

Dream your biggest dream
If we dream enough together we can make it real
And lend a helping hand
What we keep won’t mean anything, once we’re gone


True Sufficiency, True Comfort|T.O.A. Drabbles

True Sufficiency, True Comfort|T.O.A. Drabbles

The pain and the loss that is bound to happen in this world only affirms the ever-need of the Hereafter, the Day when all things will be set aright and when the true bonds that were severed will be reestablished, never to be broken again.

The pain and loss of this world only affirms the Truth that our dependence and devotion can never be on anything or anyone of this world…but the heartbreaks only awaken the heart to seek for the True One Pillar that all must depend upon, and seek true solace from there.

The pain and loss of this world only affirms the unchangeable reality of “There is no god (worthy of worship and utmost reverence) but the One True GOD”…which then becomes a true source of comfort, no matter how painful things can be for anyone, anytime and anywhere.


The everlasting truth of our own limits can drive one to complete devastation and desolation. We realize when growing up that no matter how much we try to hold on to the people and things we come to care (deeply) about we, for a painful larger part, are helpless and unable in keeping them. We cannot, for the life of us, keep those whom we love safe at each breath and blink of the eye. We cannot, for the life of us, be absolutely sufficient in not displeasing them. We can, but only for a certain extent (that is given to us).
But for eternity, we cannot. We cannot.

That is why to completely (and admittedly, most often), keep our hopes on our abilities and our “own powers” is simply foolish. Even those who were given control over the wind cannot control everything. Superman can’t stand Kryptonite. Hulk’s weakness is his own strength. Thor will always struggle with Loki. Even Batman can be dumbfounded.

..but our own limits teaches us to look towards the source of it all- an Infinite Source. The Origin…the True One Pillar that all must depend upon, and seek true solace from there.

The Middle Way| Faith and Character| TOA: Reflection Shorts


The way of the One True God, in His True Message, is the way of balance and never of the extreme. His Guidance covers all aspects of life as it covers the entire cosmos for He, in His Absolute Oneness, is the Originator and the Creator of all things. He forbade the extremes such as the extravagance-greed/miserliness, and arrogance-self-depreciation/self-abasement, recklessness-cowardice and complacency-rigidity.

                           -(the gist of this Friday’s Qutbah/sermon… All glory and thanks be to the One True GOD.)

For having True Faith which is rooted in True Belief, for example, means being grateful and humble. Seeing what you have and even what you have not, as gifts/blessings in disguise. As to spending, not wasting your blessings in vain things (extravagance) but also realizing the blessing in sharing. As to character, it is having hope and seeing wisdom in the purpose of the skills we have been given, thus witnessing God’s Absolute Greatness above all through our limits. It is having the understanding what it means to Trust in His Wisdom and Power, and also what it means by being His Creation gifted with a limited free-will: the responsibility to act with and for Truth and Justice. (Blabbered reflection.)


A/N: A new section! Under this section, are “drabbles” of thoughts taken from instances of daily life. They aren’t really write-ups like FROZEN and others under the Thought’s of an Ahjumma (elder lady/auntie) category. I was hesitant to post here with such shortness, but then somehow the idea of making a section named with the word “shorts”  (hahahah) seemed to fit it just right. Again, all praise be to GOD.

On Having Faith. | T.O.A

On Having Faith. | T.O.A

True Faith is following the “way of balance”. Having it means having the balance between sincere confidence (in the things you can do) and humility (in accepting that there things beyond you), between being content in what you have (gratitude) and believing you can improve (having an ambition).

Having True Faith is realizing that you are under the One True GOD’s Mercy, Justice, His Dominion, and by (following) His Decree realizing that you are meant to be a gift, a positive force in His Creation.