The sun peeked through the clouds, but for a short while.

Like a sweet, short reminder:

“The sky may be painted entirely grey today,
Doesn’t mean the Sun is forever gone.”



Unexpected Support, Much Gratitude! |A POST TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW THIS BLOG





First of all, I never expected anyone to follow my blog, and much less like a post or two. I made this blog, just to channel my thoughts and hopefully the message I try to deliver will get through someway, somehow.


I do hope to continue interacting with you all- exchanging insights and learning through y’all. 


I want to praise and thank God for this. Truly by your kind words, and simple clicks I feel more inspired not only to write, but to do something in my actual life that will somehow repay this little, but much appreciated reception!


May the One True God, guide, preserve and bless you all! ❤


Respect and love,

The Growing Happy Tree