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Another entry. I’m supposed to be doing some other stuff, but after reading an article that explains the person’s hatred that he/she says is not “racist”, but could might as well pass off as extremely prejudiced and arrogant, if not supremacist- I could not help but collect my upset thoughts. This is a product of that collection (laugh).

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” (49:13)

Several years ago, as someone who was searching for her identity… as someone who yearning to find a community she belongs to, reading that verse for the first time struck a strong chord in me.

American, European, Arab, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino- no matter what race one may belong to…beyond the social constructs and divisions we so normally have accepted, we are all human beings.

Our identities as a people, our history may define the “us”, now. But by connecting with others THAT is how we truly grow. When we start to look beyond the constraints of “culture” to define what is right and wrong against another human being, then we can grow.

Think of it like this, when we are born-regardless where we come from-we are like blank canvasses. Through time as we learn, we discover then change. Each experience is like a brushstroke that slowly forms a picture that tells a unique story.

Each day of our lives is like a fresh page in an initially, blank, story book- the material that serves like a brochure to the image painted on to the canvass once completed.

If we were meant to be restricted to the borders of our “nations”/”cultures” then wouldn’t we NOT come as blank canvasses?

But we did, and no baby is born with a “culture” infused into his/her ways. We are born all equally…as human beings with probably the only significant distinction would be the defining purpose in the life we’ve been given. A purpose that only we could have completed in the way we have allowed or chosen to be.

I’m not saying to throw away the many achievements and grievances that each people has faced. No, definitely not. We have disregarded so much of each other’s history that we fail at the many challenges we face now, simply because we haven’t learnt the real lessons each point in history should have taught us.

What I’m saying is, instead of seeing our identities as something that sets each of us apart, shouldn’t we start to look at our unique identities as the strings that could bring us together?

We have so many romantics that say that differences between two lovers who share a genuine, beautiful relationship aren’t actually hindrances. Instead, those differences complement each other, help each other grow.

Perhaps we should adapt that way of thinking…see our differences as something that could complement each other. See our differences as something that could teach each other things we didn’t know, we didn’t know. (Yes, I just made a Disney reference.)

Perhaps we ca liken ourselves to canvasses, that are actually part of bigger canvas? Or like a volume within a series of books that complete one huge story?

Right now, as connected our communities seem to be with technology, we are still at a point of critical disconnection from each other…

However ours is a time, a chapter, a page defined by the past, and that which will define our future.

If we remain at this state of disconnection…

What kind of picture are we each contributing to?

What kind of story are we writing ourselves in?


Song Speak: Home by Raef |Eid Wishes for Everyone

Here’s a beautiful inspirational song from brother Raef!!

May we all be united in that Eternal Home, the end of this trialsome yet can-be-beautiful Journey called, “Life”.

“I’ve been through sunshine
Made friends with the moonlight
Traveled the ancient lands
And sailed across the seas
I’m free when I think and fight for what’s right
Ain’t nobody gonna tread on me
A place I’d call mine and yours forever
This land was made for you and me, yeah!

Ain’t no place like home, they say
Home is where that heart is, home is where your love is
Ain’t no place like home where I’ll be me, me, me, yeah!
Ain’t no place like home, they say
Home is where that heart is, home is where your love is
Ain’t no place like home where I’ll be free, free, free, yeah!

All I know is: Love can feel so good
When we know it brings us close to
Home-sweet-home where
Your mind can set you free… Yeah!”

-Growing Tree

On Love and Perceptions | T.O.A| Back for the Holidays

Oftentimes we don’t give people who have learned to love purely much thought. In the age of romanticized minds, of hearts seeking the tingling bolts of adrenaline, oftentimes those who have learned the kind of love that has transcends beyond flesh and nerves have become invisible to us.

They, who have learned that to love is to not be greedy, nor be bashful, nor to be too rash. They have learned that to love is to show care no matter what “level” of bond is there. To be sincere. To not be selfish. To show affection without the need to go beyond whispers of the dark shadowy lairs.

Those who see beyond the masquerade of glitter and sweet nothingness. Those who believe in the spark within each and everything. They see the rosebud within each other’s soul and so they treat each with a touch that is shy, but not short of reverent compassion.  So like a gardener they wait and nurture, careful that no weed toucheth their blooming bud. And when bloom it does, they do not pluck it, but let it grow, with care, of cool water, clean air and warm sun.

But no…seldom do we understand. And when the time comes that we do, these true lovers had flown into the setting sun.

A/N: Aaaand, yes the author of this blog is still breathing. All praise to God. 🙂 Hopefully for these last few days of the year. So~rry! Glad to be back!

Of Our Parents, Love and Duty

Of Our Parents, Love and Duty

QOTD: “The duty to our Originator will never be extinguished no matter what our situation. Thus to remember our Origin, Allah has commanded to be dutiful to ones parents no matter who or what their status may be. To be dutiful is to strive to provide for them when they have none, to keep their hearts glad by avoiding to strike them with harshness (in words and actions). Remember,we may come to love many people, but our mother can only be one. And our father can only be one.”