Dear You, Dear Me, Dear Us..

Renew our intention today.

Set it, if we don’t have one.

Even as simple as, “I will be better today.”

Then pray…

‘Cause no matter how prepared and determined, our only full power is in our choices.

So choose to strive,

Choose to at least try.

Even if it’s painful, it’s worth it.


We’re breathing.

Cars are made to be driven.

We are meant to live until we can only sleep.

So fuel up, from our hearts.

Let’s go!





(3/31/2017, a quarter into 2017 already! Wah!)



Eid Mubarak!!| TOA


In every journey is an end, and at its end is a new beginning…

It has ended…The Month of Mercy which opened the eyes of our souls and hearts to see Hope despite the seemingly  endless trials, to rekindle the spirit compassion, and to realize the true value of what we have…

May Our One True God continue to shower His Mercy, that we may preserve the gift of True Love we got to glimpse of for the number of days that sped us by like a blink of an eye. May He preserve us until the Day we meet Him, for that will be the Day of Endless Celebration of Pure Love and Thanks.


-Growing Tree