Dear You, Dear Me, Dear Us..

Renew our intention today.

Set it, if we don’t have one.

Even as simple as, “I will be better today.”

Then pray…

‘Cause no matter how prepared and determined, our only full power is in our choices.

So choose to strive,

Choose to at least try.

Even if it’s painful, it’s worth it.


We’re breathing.

Cars are made to be driven.

We are meant to live until we can only sleep.

So fuel up, from our hearts.

Let’s go!





(3/31/2017, a quarter into 2017 already! Wah!)



Year Ender: 7 Fav Songs that Speak Beyond Barriers

How has everyone’s 2015 been?

It surely didn’t go smoothly…

Around the world, there are a lot of things we are still struggling with. Conflicts here and there that have yet to see their resolutions.

Tragedies have struck us to our core…

And there are still more tragedies that continue to unfold…


Nonetheless- year after year- the flicker of hope remains in all of us.

This is a post that is intended to bring the message of Hope through one very powerful medium that has always been part of human culture- music.

Many would say that there’s been too many songs that have been released that speak about their themes- of yearning for everyone to look past beyond the barriers of color, for everyone to see the beauty of diversity, for everyone not to be mindlessly following any group that seeks to instill fear and mindless hate in us. Many might say that there’s already so much songs about these, yet we have yet to see change.

Well, have the abundance of romantic songs ever seem to satiate the soul’s longing for that partner? Or been enough to soothe every brokenhearted?

I don’t believe so.

Nevertheless I think I’d like to end my year with songs that remind one to be a light despite things looking so bleak and dark. If anything, it’s the only way we can continue to move forward and live.

1. Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World”: Michael Jackson is a legend in this era’s music industry. And towards the end of his life, his works were geared towards awakening and uplifting the world. He didn’t just release one song that spoke about the issues that have racked our societies. He released more, and I believe he would continue to make more had he been still with us. He was not shy, and was outspoken about them. It is this aspect of him that I respect most in his life as an artist.

Also, at a time were war and conflict seems just right at our doorstep..this could not be even more timely.

2. Sami Yusuf’s “Shine”: Brother Sami Yusuf has been a role model. He has coined the genre, “Spiritique”, one that is ” informed by the belief that the major world religions bespeak a perennially harmonious spiritual and moral message that has the potential to beautify the world and create peace between people.” His latest release, Shine, is one of his best works that represent this message. May this new leaf, the coming days of 2016 be the moment where we all strive to keep shining.

3. Harris J’s “Worth It”: Shifting towards a genre that most of the youth can dig, I chose one of this promising newcomer’s latest releases. I’m glad to be seeing such good work from someone so young. Even as adults, struggles don’t disappear. In fact, struggles will always be there in different shapes and forms. May we continue to struggle for all that is worth our tears, blood, and sweat…no matter how hard it is.

4. Zain Bhikha’s “Someday”: “Salam”, the arabic for , “Peace”. This is the message of this song all the while uplifting the undistorted message of Islam and to add juice to the image of Muslims not commonly flashed on our TV screens. The song “talks about humanity coming together for one purpose, finding peace.” Give it a listen, and probably a share.

5. Zain Bhikha’s “First We Need the Love”  Or if you probably would like something with a “hipper beat” to it, here’s something I’d recommend from the same artist with the participation of his son, Rashid. Also very, very timely.


6. EXO’s “History” (Korean version): Suprise! Yes, I do (selectively) listen to song from Kpop. I’d thought it to shift to another genre and part of the world would be a little good too. To give a little story, I didn’t know about this group back in what was maybe late 2012 (beside the fact that they debuted on that same year). I just saw this on TV and like it then. No, not because of the physical traits of the singers, the moves they were making, but the lyric hit home. They had a previous release, “MAMA“, which also talked along the same themes but both the MV and the lyrics are until now quite debated. For those in the know, many would consider the lyrics to speak of the two group’s division and be attempt to attest their unity. But the thing about this song is, even if you don’t know a thing about EXO, once it’s translated its more universal message pulls through.  There’s also a Chinese version to this.

This last day of December will the final page of that will go down as 2015’s history. May it be blessed, may it open doors for all our growth!

7. Raef’s “The Path”: Earlier this year, I made a short post about brother Raef’s “Dream”. I’d still pick that for this post, but I didn’t want to be redundant.

I chose to round-up this post with this song because while it goes back to the type of songs that are like home to me, I think it beautifully narrates the shared struggle we all have within, though each story and depth is uniquely that of ours.

I’ll let the song speak once again. For once again, I am lost for words.As the dawn of another year (in the Gregorian calendar at least) draws near, may the path that we should take be much more clearer to us. Ameen.

And I know that it hurts
When we stop and wonder: “Why?”
Yes I know that it hurts
Maybe time will heal the burns

And maybe you’ve felt the path I seek, and
I know you’ve cared as much as me
Our stories were shared for us to see

Thanks for reading up until here!

Love, truth and peace,



YES! A post! (Still kickin’) |Thoughts of An Ahjumma


“So often we get so caught up on the things down here, we forget to look Up”
Butuan City just has one of the most amazing skyscapes everyday, all praise be to GOD 🙂 A little something to make up for my high-level of inactivity.

Yes~ I’m still kickin’ and this blog ain’t going buh-bye just yet! 😀 All praise be to God 🙂

But I’m still unable to write what I ought to, and plant my feet where I should. As a writer and just like any other human, I believe that you have to know where you stand and where you believe you have to go before you get on moving (writing). And am still in the process of that at this moment. Finding my core, and strengthening it (by God’s grace, God willing).

I’m graduating!!! But it ain’t over yet! >.< I think I’m having that “coming-of-age dilemma” sort of feeling all over again. *Breathes*

But I remind myself, “hey, no matter what happens- the learning never stops.”

This by far has been my most casual post to date! Anyway, hope to get sharing, writing, and learning from everyone soon (God willing)! I can see from my email alerts, I got a lot to catch up on! Ciao! Peace!

Unexpected Support, Much Gratitude! |A POST TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW THIS BLOG





First of all, I never expected anyone to follow my blog, and much less like a post or two. I made this blog, just to channel my thoughts and hopefully the message I try to deliver will get through someway, somehow.


I do hope to continue interacting with you all- exchanging insights and learning through y’all. 


I want to praise and thank God for this. Truly by your kind words, and simple clicks I feel more inspired not only to write, but to do something in my actual life that will somehow repay this little, but much appreciated reception!


May the One True God, guide, preserve and bless you all! ❤


Respect and love,

The Growing Happy Tree

The Sharing Economy|Ahjumma’s Recall

“and from the Darkness will surely come the Light!” is surely a quote that certainly applies here~

And once humanity finds that uniting factor deep within them, despite what color or language or history them come from, then that will be the Golden Age of the human race, as human beings – not merely rational beings but spiritual, moral and emotional stewards of this planet we call Earth.

Many times though, it takes a lot of pressure and pain to wake this side in all of us…

Nevertheless, “let those who desire only goodness and truth, strive as they ought to strive, with patience, constancy and discipline”!

GOD willing…!